We offer a range of courses from three to fourteen days to cater for learner drivers of all experience levels. If you are unsure of what course is best suited to you, please call us on 01253 206333 where one of our highly trained operators can assist you.  

Course Length Description   Price
3 Day
For the learner driver, near test standard, best suited for the pupil who may have taken a driving test recently. Course runs from Sunday to Wednesday.
4 Day
As for the three day course, designed in mind for the pupil who require just a few extra hours to brush up their skills. Courses run from Sunday to Thursday.
5 Day
For pupils that have had a good deal of experience and covered most of the DSA syllabus with only a short way to go. Course runs from Sunday to Friday.
6 Day
This course is ideal for the student with some driving experience, has covered a little of the DSA syllabus and has a basic understanding of driving techniques. Course runs from Saturday to Friday.
7 Day
Driving experience as the 6 day course with an extra day comfort zone, easing the learning process a little. Course runs from Friday to Friday.
10 Day
For the novice learner, with an understanding of basic car controls. Course runs Friday to week on Monday.
12 Day
For the complete beginner. This course gives the instructor more time to cover the complete DSA syllabus, whilst forging a trusting relationship, that helps to make the whole learning process easier. Course runs Friday to a week on Monday.
14 Day
Similar to the 12 day course, however this course is more suitable for pupils who require a little more time to build their confidence even further. Courses run Friday to a week Friday.

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If you are unsure on which course is best suited to your driving ability and experience, then please call us on 01253 206333. We will be only too happy to assist you with your enquiry.