Driving Courses is a Blackpool based company, with over twenty years of experience in the field of driving tuition. Our driving instructors are of the highest standard, regularly checked by the Driving Standards Agency, ensuring that the quality of their tution is continually maintaned, thereby maximising the chances of you obtaining your all important full driving licence.

We have specifically chosen Blackpool as our location - the north west of England has a very high concentration of driving test centres within a relatively short distance of each other, which has the benefit of reducing test waiting times to just a few weeks, and in some instances, even days!

Intensive crash driving courses practice the method of shared tuition, which has proven to be the most efficient, cost effective method of learning to drive. During your course, you will be joined by a pupil of a similar standard, and together with your instructor, working as a team, you will learn to drive in optimum conditions. Whilst your fellow pupil is behind the wheel, you will be able to take advantage of learning from them being taught, and also giving you an all important break, keeping you fresh, alert, and in the best possible frame of mind to enjoy the full benefits of your intensive crash driving course.

Intensive Residential Driving Courses Blackpool